More than 10 million of products on your screen in a split second

Webshop.nl is a super fast product search engine. Webshop.nl's mission is to make all products and services offered in the market available to the consumer in the most relevant, transparent and fast way possible throughout a single marketplace. 

Design goals

Findability is crucial

The client has set the ambitious goal of creating a central online marketplace where online consumers can find all products available from all webshops in the Netherlands.

In this way; consumers are not spending lots of time on the internet, browsing for a product that they desire.


The concept

Centralize the market


A central marketplace

A collection of all webshops in the Netherlands available through a single central marketplace. 


Search fast, find easy

Reach the goal of the user as fast as possible while searching through a wide range of products to optimize the users shopping experience.


Make quantity, quality 

Reach the goal of the user as fast as possible while searching through a wide range of products to optimize the users shopping experience.

The design process

The drawing board

Based on a user flow I was able to create a path that will guide a user to a specific purpose. This made me aware of the pages that are needed to fulfill the user's needs.

The wireframes helped me to find optimal user experience solutions and validate ideas through usability tests. Thanks to that, I was able to implement the iteration process before the interface creation phase started.


The branding

The color book

The solution

The vision got sharp, but the UI got sharper

Webshop.nl gives the user the ability to easily reach their goals through a large scala of products. A smart solution for combining unique products, provided by multiple shops, within a single market place.


Search as you type

The method will instantly show product results to the user, when they start typing in the searchbox. This will speed up the search process of the user and will result in reaching their goal in a faster way.

Mapped standardized datasets

Product feeds from various shops provide differten types of datasets. The datasets have been mapped to a single format to make them functionable. In this way it was possible to use them for filtering search results and to group products from various shops into a single display.


A detailed product expand 

No need to navigate to a new page. But your search results and product information in the same viewport.


Gamefication helps Webshop.nl by nudging the user in the right direction to complete his or her profile information. With this information, the user can be served with personal preferences, which will improve the user experience.


The end result

Reached the finish line

The final product contains a search-as-you-type solution which will present search results to the user in a split second. With an extensive product expand intergrated within the searchresults, so the user does not have to navigate through pages and gets lost. And a playfull onboarding process which will provide Webshop.nl with a lot of user data that can be used (together with tracking data) to serve the user with personal preferences throughout the entire platform, such as; a personal user based homepage, search suggestions, interesting blogposts, product deals through newsletter advertisment and way more opportunities.


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